Devotional Resources

Devotional Resources for All through the Year

Praying Throughout the Day 
Bible Verses and Passages for Encouragement

Luther's Morning and Evening Prayer and Table Grace
Luther on Praying with Bible Passages

Luther's Small Catecism (new link!)

 Online Devotional Resources
Lutheran Hour Ministries Website
Under “The Lutheran Hour” click on “LISTEN NOW” to hear the Sunday sermon or click on “Read Sermon” to view the text. 
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Three Days of Prayer
Thanks to all who participated in the Ninth Annual 3 Days of Prayer Event (January 5-7, 2021).  The prayer guides remain available: 
Adult Prayer Guide (PDF) ||  Children's Prayer Guide (PDF)

Devotional Resources forthe Easter Season:

Scripture Readings April 12-May 24 2020 Easter Season

Devotional Resources for the Season of Advent:
Advent Wreath Printable Coloring Page

2020 Advent Readings & Prayers

Advent Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries: “God With Us”

Devotional Resources for the Season of Lent:

2021 Lenten Series "God Intended it for Good"
Playlist of videos on YouTube
All Readings for the Lenten Season - God Intended it for Good:  Joseph’s Journey and Christ’s Passion