February 3, 2024

Dear Members & Friends of Zion,

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
He is like a tree planted near streams of water, which bears fruit in its season, and whose leaves never wither. In the same way, everything he does will prosper. – Psalm 1:3 (NCB)
“All living things require sustenance. We need not only food and water, but above all God and a relationship with Him. God nurtures us through His word in the Scriptures and His Sacraments which bestow His Spirit Who is life-giving water on us. Am I willing and eager to be nurtured? PRAYER: Almighty God, keep me deeply rooted in Christ and the life of the Church so that I may flourish and bear fruit that will endure. Amen.” – Daily Meditations on the Psalms

People with whom we have meaningful relationships are often people with whom we spend a significant amount of time. Do we intentionally schedule get-together time with God, like we do with a valued friend? Maybe we’ve been too busy, too worried, too distracted, too heart-broken. As children of God, we are invited to return to the Life-giving relationship our Heavenly Father desires to have with us during the season of Lent (Ash Wednesday 2/14/2024 through sundown on Maundy Thursday 3/28/2024).

The Church’s disciplines of Lent - prayer, fasting, and alms-giving (giving time, money, and/or other resources toward helping others) – provide a guide to putting time for God back into our daily routine. At Zion, regarding prayer, we are invited, in-person and online, to Sunday, Wednesday, and Holy Week worship services. Hard copy Lenten devotionals for adults and children as well as Our Daily Bread are provided. Online daily devotions are available from Our Daily Bread and Lutheran Hour Ministries Times of private personal prayer and time in prayer with others (spouse, household, friends) strengthen our relationship with God.

Fasting is not simply a giving up of favorite foods or pastimes, but a call to a re-orientation of our lives. Are there ways in which we regularly use our time, talent and financial resources that feel good for a moment, but hurt us and others long-term? Is the Lord calling us to leave some harmful habits behind and to move into more life-giving ways of growing in love for Him and our neighbors? Fasting and alms-giving go together. The time, talent, and treasure we may have been using for ourselves and “give up” can now be used for the benefit of others in Christ’s name, bearing good fruit.

As we renew our relationship with God, may we long to continue spending time with our Heavenly Father just as we enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones.

In the peace, hope, joy, and love of the Lord,
Pastor Karin Pejack

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