Zion Funds
Last updated on January 3, 2024
We thank all who continue to generously support ministry at Zion.  Offerings are received in the designated boxes at the base of the stairs at the main entrance or can be mailed to the church office:
Zion Lutheran Church
15 S. 4th Street
Harrisburg, PA

Multi-Purpose Giving Envelopes
To save money and to conserve paper, Zion is moving to one Multi-Purpose Giving Envelope in 2024. Givers are invited to pick up the number of envelopes they need from Fellowship Hall. Envelopes can also be mailed or delivered upon request. Please know that we will continue to track giving of all checks received whether or not they are in a Zion giving envelope.
Fund (Designation) Description
 General Regular operating expenses
WOW Local & Regional Outreach supporting non-profit organizations that provide assistance to the community Recipients include (not limited to): Bethesda Mission, Christian Churches United, Downtown Daily Bread
Altar Guild Communion Supplies, Candles, Other Worship Supplies, Flowers (including Christmas & Easter)
Building Fund Maintenance and Special Appeals
Memorial Fund In memory of members of Zion Community, Sometimes associated with particular projects
Endowment Reserved/invested for long-term financial viability