Resources for The Body of Christ Series - Lent 2023

This series by Harlan Kaden takes time to consider seriously our Lord’s humanity, the human body in which he wrought our salvation. Week by week the congregation is invited to focus their attention on the topic of the week.

Lenten Series Bulletins:
March 1, Lent 1: The Feet of Christ 
March 8, Lent 2: The Hands of Christ
March 15, Lent 3: The Mouth of Christ
March 22, Lent 4: The Ears of Christ
March 29, Lent 5: The Eyes of Christ
April 5, Holy Wednesday: The Heart of Christ
April 6, Maundy Thursday: The Blood of Christ 
April 7, Good Friday: The Body of Christ 
April 12, 1st Wednesday after Easter: The Risen Body of Christ

Each service bulletin provides an order of worship highlighting the particular theme and contains supplemental Scripture readings and devotional material for personal prayer.

All the recordings in this series are available to watch in this playlist on YouTube.