Zion Lutheran Church Harrisburg

Upcoming Online Events

3rd Friday Fallout Shelter Inspirational Coffee House - This ministry will not be meeting in August and September.  The team will be prayerfully discerning the future of the ministry.

Note: WOW Services will continue to be held Online-Only.

COVID Protocol Updates as of June 1
Following the announcements by the CDC and the PA Governor’s Office, Zion is removing social distancing restrictions and lifting the mask mandate for fully vaccinated individuals in the building.  We encourage all to prayerfully exhibit love of neighbor and respect for the wishes of those who choose to continue to social distance from others when in the building.  We continue to request those who have a fever or who are not feeling well to remain home. 
There are concerns (health and safety) and struggles (while we are without leadership from with choir) with congregational singing.  A summer order of worship will begin on June 6 which will exhibit a consistent and simplified plan for music throughout the summer (June-August) when several members, leaders, and the pastor are planning to take times of vacation.  The two hymns will be removed only over the summer.   A second anthem will be added.  Those, who may feel led to, may sing along with the anthem music while masked.  Masking continues to be required for any singing in the worship space.

Recent Events
On Pentecost, during the Children's Sermon, Pastor Karin preached about the importance of God's Word in the language of God's people. You can learn more about on-going efforts to create written language, translate the Word of God, and create video Bibles at Wycliffe's website.

The Summer 2021 Newsletter is available on the "Newsletters" page.

6/3/2021: Summer Church Office Schedule
Church Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 12pm
Except June 14 – 25, by appointment only
Holiday Church Office Closure: Monday, July 5

5/28/2021: Ruth Cheng, missionary, has begun the next phase of her journey in mission.  You can read her thoughts her thoughts in the PDF available here.
Communicating during the time of the Corona Virus.  We plan to send group emails to provide updates.  If you are not receiving the emails and would like to add your email address from this communication, please email the church office (zionhbg@comcast.net).  The voicemail greeting for the church office (717-234-4064) and the church website (www.zionharrisburg.org) are frequently updated.  Devotional and other resources are available through the website. The church office voicemail and email are checked regularly.  Pastor Karin is available by phone, text, and/or email.  Contact the church office for details.

Assistance with Shopping for Supplies.  There are members on the East and West Shores who have offered to pick up groceries, prescriptions, or other life-sustaining supplies for those in need.  Contact the church office or Pastor Karin.
Weekly Worship Service Schedule

Wednesday 12:10pm, Online Only: WOW (Worship On Wednesday) Service (Reoccuring Invitation)
   - Prelude begins at 12:05pm, Communion on the 1st Wednesday of each month
Sunday 10:15am, Online & In-Person: Zoom Worship Service (Reoccuring Invitation)
   - Prelude begins at 10:10am, Communion on the 3rd Sunday of each month
Communion Information: Those wishing to commune during online worship are invited to intentionally prepare for communion prior to the start of the service.  Prayerfully bring the elements of bread and wine or grape juice to where you will be worshipping. If you need assistance to obtain proper elements of bread, wine or grape juice, please contact the pastor.  Since the fullness of the sacrament is present in one of the elements, you may commune with bread or wine/grape juice and simply bow in prayer as the other element is raised in worship.  Please consume the elements or return them to the earth following the service.  The bulletin will also include a prayer for spiritual communion for those who are not participating in distance communion.  For more information about distance communion, see “Pastoral Letter on Communion During COVID.”
For information regarding Communion at In-Person Worship, see "Celebration of Communion & Initial Re-Opening".

Church Offering: We thank all who continue to generously support ministry at Zion.  Contributions can be mailed to the church office:
Zion Lutheran Church, 15 S. 4th Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

K. Pejack, Pastor 
DJ. Jones, Office Administrator   
R. Goldsboro, Church Librarian
N. Swain, Organist/Choir Director
L. Bortner, Council President 
W. Haas, Property Chair
T. Pejack, Ourtreach Ministry