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10:15 Online Palm Sunday Worship April 5
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Communicating during the time of the Corona Virus.  We plan to send group emails to provide updates.  If you are not receiving the emails and would like to add your email address to this communication, please email the church office (zionhbg@comcast.net).  The voicemail greeting for the church office (717-234-4064) and the church website (www.zionharrisburg.org) are frequently updated.  Devotional and other resources are available through the website. The church office voicemail and email (information above) are checked regularly.  Pastor Karin is available by phone, text, and/or email.  Contact the church office for details.
Assistance with Shopping for Supplies.  There are members on the East and West Shores who have offered to pick up groceries, prescriptions, or other life-sustaining supplies for those in need.  Contact the church office or Pastor Karin.
Zion’s building will be closed through Monday, April 6.  The council will meet by conference call that evening to plan for Easter Sunday and the time following.  We will look to guidance from the state and federal government regarding meeting and re-opening the building.
Online 10:15am Sunday Worship via Zoom.  We hope to be up and running this Sunday, March 29.  Zoom allows for participation by computer and/or by phone. As we learn to use this format, we plan to host Bible Study, WOW (Worship on Wednesday) and other church events online.  Details will be emailed and posted on the website.
Church Offering. Contributions can be mailed to the church office:
Zion Lutheran Church, 15 S. 4th Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101
Easter flower orders have been cancelled. If you have already sent a check, we will return it to you, or you can designate it as a donation to Zion’s Altar Guild.  Please communicate your choice to the church office.
All Holy Week and Easter activities, except the 10:15am Worship Service, are cancelled.  If we cannot meet in person, we are planning for the 10:15am Easter Worship Service to take place online.

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Zion Devotional Resources for Use at Home

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Weekly Worship Service
Tentative Holy Week Schedule of Zoom Worship Service
April 5:
Palm Sunday Worship 10:15am
April 8: WOW( Worship on Wednesday) at 12:10pm
April 9: Maundy Thursday Worship at 12:10pm
April 10: Good Friday Worship at 12:10pm
April 12: Easter Sunday Worship at10:15am



K. Pejack, Pastor 
J. Jones, Office Administrator   
R. Goldsboro, Church Librarian
N. Swain, Organist/Choir Director
L. Bortner, Council President 
W. Haas, Property Chair
T. Pejack, Ourtreach Ministry