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Frequently Asked Questions - Zion emails

Q:  I used to receive emails from Zion, but I am no longer receiving them!
A:  There are several reasons you may not be seeing our emails.  
  1. We have a new email address!  Add to your contacts/address book so that your email provider knows that you want to see our emails (and prevent them from going to "junk" or "spam").
  2. Many email providers are changing their rules around what constitutes "spam" or "junk".  Check those folders and mark any emails from Zion as "Not Spam/Junk".  Additionally, if you have gmail, our emails may now be going to your "Promotions" tab

Q: I can't find Zion's emails in my spam or junk folder.  Where did they go?
A:  You may have "unsubscribed" from our mailing list.  To re-subscribe, contact us:

         Or if you have an email from us that you received in the past, open it & scroll the whole way to the bottom of the email. 

Click the "Update Profile" link outlined above and it will walk you through the steps necessary to re-subscribe.